Berley mate long life rapid berley , Berley Mate is an entirely new formulation that brings the fish to your boat, and keeps them there! -Simple to use – Convenient – Economical – No fuss – No mess – No refrigeration  -Effective!  Our Berley Mate Berley lasts almost the full length of your fishing time even if you move to different spots. This Berley Mate Berley has a new boosted formula which puts more attractants into the water faster, exciting the fish to bite.

This berley Mate Berley needs no refrigeration, simply keep one in your tackle box ready to use at any time. This works even in murky water as the concentrated attractant works scientifically to excite the fish to bite. Berley Mate Berley will immediately flavour the water with chemical stimulants under your boat, these are absorbed through the skin of the fish and stimulate a hormone secretion in the fish’s glands arousing a strong feeding response and causing it to immediately become more aggressive and feed ravenously.

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Squid liver proteins have been added which contain DHA and EPA, long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated omega-4, more fat than fish oil! Fish seek out these proteins and squid liver is the best source for this rich prize, often the protein rich gut of a pilchard is all they will eat, so now you can get even.